A-League: Jets flying high in record-breaking campaign

Jets fans and players in ecstasy after 4-0 thrashing of the Wanderers MAYHEM: Jason Hoffman jumps on the shoulders of teammates to celebrate with the fans after a goal in the 4-0 win over Wanderers. Picture: Darren Pateman (AAP Images)

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— Lawrie McKinna (@LawrieMcKinna) December 23, 2017

Hoffman said the manner of the win over Wanderers showed how far the team hadcome underErnie Merrick.

“Last time we played Western Sydney we got bullied a little bit,” Hoffman said.

“To put on a performance from the opening whistle until the end that was pretty intense showed that we are a serious threat to the competition this year. We really put them to the sword. It was outstanding.Having been at the club for a while, it was one of the more memorable nights.”

The Jets, although in a less commanding position,were on track to make the six at a similar stage last season only tocapitulate, winning just one game in the second half of the season and losing the final five straight to collect the wooden spoon.

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“That is one about this squad, we don’t look too far ahead,” Hoffman said.

“When we have gone on a decent run over the past few years, we have gotten a little bit confident in the wrong way and started to think,‘this could be the time’ and we put that pressure on ourselves to make finals. The feeling in the group this year, and it stems from the coach, is that we don’t look too far ahead.

“Ernie hashigh expectations of how we should train and how we should play. Everyone has a job to do. As long as you do your job every week and ,if you give a little more each time, more often than not you will come out on top when it counts on match day.”