‘A minute’s silence for your career’: Abdel-Magied roasted on ABC’s Hard Chat

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Engineer and former ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied has faced off with Tom Gleeson on his hilarious Hard Chat segment.

The comedian poked fun at Abdel-Magied for the year when she became, in her own words, ‘s “most publicly hated Muslim”. Those seven words she wrote on Facebook eight months ago still fuel social media comments and column inches in the Murdoch press.

Gleeson began the roasting by asking the former Queenslander of the year whether every ANZAC Day ns should “hold a minute’s silence for her career”. The ABC axed the Wide program Abdel-Magied hosted a month after she made her controversial Facebook comment.

“I think that’d be a little disrespectful to the diggers,” she quipped.

The pair then joked about how next ANZAC Day, Abdel-Magied should start a hashtag called “Lest we forget to write stupid shit on Facebook”.

The zinger that got the strongest reaction from the former TV presenter, though, was when Gleeson asked: “When you’re in London, do you hang out with Rolf Harris so you’re not the most hated n?”

At the end of the segment, which aired on Wednesday night’s special year-end episode of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Gleeson offered Abdel-Magied an ANZAC biscuit and remarked that they’re halal.

“Are they though?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t know, but I pointed them towards Mecca when I killed them,” the comedian fired back.

Abdel-Magied recently departed for London, but has been back to catch up with friends and front the media on a few occasions. Last month, she told The Project her time in was “like dating an abusive guy”. Her seven words obsessed the n media. Now Tom has a few words of his own.#[email protected]_a vs. @nonstoptom

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