Bureau of Meteorology gets festive as China prepares

Christmas. It’s the time of year where the weather goes from being polite conversation to the only topic people care about.

You start making comments like “It’s going to be how hot?” or “Cloudy you say; but what about the humidity levels?”

What’s worse, you start to recallthat one time in rained on Christmasor that day it was so hot that the turkey basically cooked itself on the kitchen bench.

And if that’s what it’s like for the average Joe, imagine what it’s like for someone who works for the Bureau of Meteorology.

Luckily, BOM’s Tasmania Twitter account was festive enough that we don’t have to.

#Rudolph spotted early in #Tassie today, on a trial run for #Xmas. No sign of #Santa yet though. 🎅🏻 Temperatures looking slightly above average for most of #Tasmania on Monday. #Hobart: Cloudy 21°C, #Launceston: Partly Cloudy 24°C pic.twitter老域名购买/f9HzsN8g1w

— Bureau of Meteorology, Tasmania (@BOM_Tas) December 23, 2017Good to see you’re in the spirit too. Happy Christmas from us over here! pic.twitter老域名购买/Up5l3BVpjj

— Bureau of Meteorology, Tasmania (@BOM_Tas) December 23, 2017Not a bad effort, but the visible image allows you to see the tree, bon-bon, candy cane, wreath, ginger bread house and the present. pic.twitter老域名购买/MMNij7APoi

— Bureau of Meteorology, Tasmania (@BOM_Tas) December 24, 2017Christmas Day weather across the countryThis year is shaping up as ‘s fifth warmest, butChristmas Day won’t be a record-makingday.

TheBureauofMeteorology ispredicting a”beautiful day for many parts of the country”.​

Across the country, storms and showers are expected in Sydney and in the Top End on Christmas Day. Inland areas are expected to reach 40 degrees,hotter than usual but not record heat.

For Victoria, there will be no repeat of last year’s scorching Christmas Day, when the temperature peaked at 36 degrees.

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Monday will be cool enough to roast a turkey in Melbourne, with the temperature peaking at22 degrees.

Temperatures will rise to 28 on Boxing Day and as high as 35 on Wednesday, whenbeachgoerswill be rewarded with water that is one or two degrees warmer than usual.

In Sydney on Christmas Day there is a chance of showers, andpossiblystorms in the western suburbs, with temperatures in the mid 20s. Boxing Day will likely be clear andabout 24 degrees.

Queensland’s Christmas lunch shoppers might want to rethink the baked spuds and glazed ham combo this year as they brace for a scorcher.

Forecasters were warning Brisbane could reach 34degrees on December 25,fivedegrees above than the monthly average.

Anyone looking for relief on the coasts will be sadly disappointed, with Sunshine Coast expecting similar temperatures to Brisbane and the Gold Coast slightly lower at 31.

Christmas Day is not expected to be a scorcher in Launceston this year.

The n Bureau of Meteorology predicts a top of 24 degrees and a low of eight in Launceston for Christmas day.

Get ready for Christmas in . Photo: Leigh Henningham

BOM believes the day will be partly cloudy with light north, and north-westerly winds in the evening.

Get the bathers and sunscreen ready Perth – the Bureau of Meteorology has forecast near-perfect weather for Christmas Day.

The mercury is predicted topeak around a balmy 32degrees for Perth on December 25, with sunny skies set to make the day picture-perfect.

Light winds will also ensure Santaan easy arrival into Perth – and with zero expected cloud cover and overnight minimum of 19, it might be a good time to catch a glimpse of the sleigh as it heads over the Swan River.

Despite recent storms dampening WA’s Christmas spirit, the weather leading up to the big day is also expected to be the city’s first real taste of summer.

The new year will bring warmer days than usual forMelbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth, and cooler than usual weather for Sydney and Brisbane, the bureau said.