Canberran Cameron Hill eyes “massive” Grand Prix chance

Canberra driver Cameron Hill has his sights set on making the most of his “massive” chance at the n Grand Prix and climbing up the motorsport ladder.

The 21-year-old has joined the Porsche Carrera Cup, following in the footsteps of Canberra legend Mark Webber, who won a World Endurance Championship with the motorsport powerhouse.

The support series will allow Hill to prove his worth at huge events like the n Grand Prix, Bathurst 1000 and the Adelaide 500, with the championship set to kick off in March.

Hill’s eyes were once locked on the Supercars championship but racing in the Carrera Cup series opens another avenue for his career.

“I’ve had my eyes on Porsche for the last two or three years, I’ve seen that as the next step for my career,” Hill said.

“Apart from having my heart set on Porsche a long time ago, this still stood out at the best place for me to showcase my talent in a prestigious class like Carrera Cup.

“It keeps my options open in the future to go overseas or stay here in . If an opportunity comes from racing Carrera Cup to jump into Supercars I’d seriously consider it and want to grab it with both hands.

“If I get the chance to go overseas through Porsche, that would also be an amazing experience as well. Carrera Cup would be the best place to keep all our options open while still furthering my career.

“It’s going to be good for my driving as well, to be driving such a purpose built race car like the Porsche, as well as getting further up the motorsport ladder in terms of corporate exposure and all sorts of things so it’s definitely a big step forward.”

Hill was cruelly denied the chance to win the Toyota 86 series due to a Mount Panorama mishap but he’s already put the disappointment behind him ahead of what looms as a two-year stint in a Porsche.

Seven pole positions and 13 race wins cements Hill as the most successful driver in the Toyota 86 category since its inception, with the series serving as a springboard to motorsport’s grand stage.

Hill will stay in Canberra to operate within his family-based team but he is already working overtime to garner support with the Carrera Cup “requiring almost four times the investment” of the Toyota 86 series.

“Obviously Mark [Webber] linked up with Porsche after his time in Formula One, but obviously still he had a lot of success with them with a world championship,” Hill said.

“It’s cool to see what the brand can do for drivers around the world, the most recent example is the young n Matt Campbell, who raced Carrera Cup, made an impact and he’s overseas racing for Porsche.

“If I can emulate that, it would be pretty cool. But if it opens doors here in that’s also something that I’m keeping my eye out for.

“There’s some really cool events we’re going to this year and it’s a really cool platform to be launching yourself from.”