Erin Bradley takes care of Christmas leftovers with delicious crustless ham quiche

TIME FOR A QUICHE: Erin Bradley in her kitchen at home in Chisholm where she demonstrated how to use leftover ham. Picture: Belinda-Jane Davis.Christmas ham. It’s one of the traditional meats that looks a treat all glazed up on the festive table.

But when Boxing Day comes what do you do with it?

Erin Bradley has the answer. She won a nine kilogram ham in a raffle and has eaten 21 meals of ham in 7 days.

Her menu included sausage and ham crustless quiche; pasta with ham, peas and cheese; thick rich pasta sauces;caesar salad with fried ham;Thai beef saladwith strips of ham;and salad and ham wraps.

“We had to commit to eat ham for every single meal just to get rid of it,” she said.

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“It’s about puttingham into different dishes and tricking your brain so you don’t think you’re actually eating it.

“It’s easier that way, if you had a ham sandwich every day you wouldget sick of it very quickly.”

Mrs Bradley showedFairfax Media how to make the sausage and ham crustless quiche –a gluten free recipe that is very easy, and even healthy.

She used onecapsicum, threecloves of minced garlic, twocups of ham, twocups of sausage(or any leftover meat available), twocups of cheese (she useda pizza blend and parmesan), milk, seasoning, egg andshallots.

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Sausage and ham quiche

She fried thecapsicum in a hot pan that hadbeen coated with a bit of oil and then added the shallots andgarlic. The garlic was fried in the centre of the pan before it was mixed with the other ingredients.

The mixture was put into a bowl and then half the ham was added to the pan and fried until it was brown. The ham was added to thebowl andthe sausage was fried, then added to the bowl and stirred through.

Watch the video:

She added one cupofcheese, and another cup of half pizza cheese and half parmesan;stirred the mixture; put it into an oven safe dish; and addedtwo cups of milk andfour eggs (that had been whisked).

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She baked it for 35-40 minutes at 170 degrees (fan forced).