Hunter Photography Prize 2018: a selection of entries

Your shots in the 2018 Hunter Photography Prize DAYS END: Deanna Faulks, of Wingen, captured this stunning sunset at Cassilis in Upper Hunter.

OCEAN SPRAY: Bruce Edmiston, of Wickham, snapped a wave crashing up at the Bogey Hole.

CREEPY CRAWLY: Leanne Maffesoni, of Salamander Bay, snapped one of the dozens of spiders that make her home, their home.

COUNTRY LIFE: Lesa Kearney, of Dungog, snapped a very foggy morning looking towards Alison Loop.

SURF’S FLAT: Kaitlyn Diessel, of Aberdare, captured a stand up paddle boarder who made his way across the lens.

NEW FRIENDS: Katherine Caddey, of Dora Creek, snapped her new pup sharing the bed with her 5-year-old dog.

LIGHT SHOW: A phenomenal strike of lightning high above a street in Gillieston Heights, by Ryan Willcox.

SKILLS: Wayne Hicks, of Merewether, captured a skillful surfer and their partner catching a wave.

HAPPY FEET: Ashley Ogle, of North Rothbury, captured a first encounter with the beach.

STYLE: Roslyn Cones-Browne, of Charlestown, snapped her rescue dog looking cool.

WAVES: Sephi Kemp, of New Lambton, with a photo of the Bar Beach rust.

IMAGINATION: Suzannah George, of Valentine, captured her child out in the garden.

REFLECTIONS: Melissa Owen, of Adamstown, snapped a family interested in their surroundings.

DARK SKIES: A black cockatoo passes across the sky, taken by Jesse Turner, of Monkerai.

ELECTRIC FEEL: Mother nature producing a light show over Redhead Beach, taken by Riley Sneddon, of Belmont North.

BOLD STARE: Joshua Nash, of Maryville, found a black bird that stalks and stares.

WASH UP: Paul Wellings, of Fern Bay, snapped a stormy afternoon at Merewether Ocean Baths.

STORM FRONT: Ryan Willcox, of Gillieston Heights, snapped some lightning over Morpeth bridge.

COUNTRY BEAUTY: Two trees in a country paddock, taken by Pam Richards, of Ashtonfield.

ICONIC: Fiona Mitchell, of Tenambit, captured all of Nobbys beach on a perfect day.

FULL STRETCH: Andrew Black, of Merewether, took this photo of a yoga instructor in action at the beach.

SKY LIGHTS: Jenny Marjoribanks, of Islington, captured the pink sky one evening over Newcastle beach.

PURPLE LIGHTS: Jessica Upton, of Nelson Bay, snapped a fierce lightning storm rages over Nelson Bay.

FLIPPING GOOD TIME: Justine Franklin, of Newcastle East, caught her friend backflipping into the Bogey Hole.

HELLO: When the day gets hot, this tawny frogmouth came out looking for a cooler spot, taken by Andrew Whitbread-Brown, of Cardiff Heights.

MOO-RNING: Samantha Gee, of Jerry’s Plains, took a photo of the cattle moving across the farm.

CRASH AND BASH: Stuart Slater, of Hamilton, snapped some early morning walkers on the Nobbys breakwall.

WET DOG: Karen Wilesmith, of Boolaroo, found a dog in the surf at Redhead Beach.

ICE CREAM: Graham Adamson, of Glendale, captured the birds at Hunter Zoo taking turns eating ice cream.

NATURAL BEAUTY: Belinda Wilberforce, of Floraville, snapped a sunrise just before the sun rose above the horizon.

BATH TIME: Ray Smith, of Raymond Terrace, found a magpie cooling off in the backyard.

SECRET SPOT: Having a rest at Belmont, taken by Lance Perkins, of Beresfield.

BARKING MAD: Amelia Humphries, of Georgetown, took the photo of her handsome blue heeler cross staffy.

SHAPES: Oliver Stirling, of New Lambton, snapped his girlfriend exploring the rocks around the coastline of Black Head.

PRECIOUS TIME: A moment’s time with her grandson, as taken by Carol Thorley, of Muswellbrook.

FADING FLEET: Maree Gleeson, of Merewether, captured the LMYC boats at sunset off Coal Point.

SUNBAKING: Jett Mcleod, of Waratah, found this insect on his hand during an afternoon walk.

KABOOM: Karen Wilesmith, of Boolaroo, captured some massive waves crashing at the end of the breakwall.

FIRST LIGHT: Fiona Mitchell, of Tenambit, captured a summer dawn from one of Newcastle’s iconic sunrise spots.

PERFECT VIEW: Looking across the foreshore of Lake Macquarie, as taken by Suzannah George, of Valentine.

PERFECT VIEW: Looking across the foreshore of Lake Macquarie, as taken by Suzannah George, of Valentine.

GIRLS DAY OUT: Jennifer O’Donoghue took this photo on Mother’s Day at Belmont.

TREE BONES: Bare branches extend up into the sky, as seen by Andrew Roberts, of Warners Bay.

SPOTTED: Kristy Austen, of Wangi Wangi, snapped a Lady Beetle resting on a leaf.

GROUNDED: On a windy day, all the birds decide to stay on the runway, as captured by Jenny Duong, of Jesmond.

WASH UP: The shark tower at Redhead during a king tide, taken by Toni Burns, of Valentine.

BATHERS SPLASH: Bruce Edmiston, of Wickham, captured nature’s force against the ocean baths.

HOUSE MAFIA: Kaitlyn Diessel, of Aberdare, snapped the cubby house crew making plans.

SOAKED: Betsy Watson, of Swansea, snapped the kids keeping cool in the backyard.

STEALTH: Makayla Lambert, of Wallalong, snapped an extra-terrestrial looking insect.

GLASS TOP: Tyler Bartlett, of Bolwarra Heights, captured a sunrise at the Bogey Hole.

PADDLING AROUND: Kerrie Warwick, of Budgewoi, photographed her grandchildren at Caves Beach.

CARPARK MOOD: Lochie Vardy, of Chisholm, snapped a reflection on top of a car park in King Street, Newcastle.

SHINING THROUGH: Belinda Wilberforce, of Floraville, captured a Santa Claus at sunset.

BLUE FEELING: A postcard-perfect day down along Newcastle’s coast, as taken by Nicole Wilson, of Cooks Hill.

PLAY: This is Mango enjoying a morning at Horseshoe Beach. Picture: Katrina Hesketh

BABE: A young dairy calf curiously steps up for a photo: Picture: Amanda Denton

Enchanted Forest : An ancient grass tree forest on Mount Cabre Bald via Gresford, Hunter Valley. Photo: Jenny Shaw

SUNSET: Kangaroos in silhouette at Glenbawn Dam as the sun sinks below the horizon. Picture: David Watson

Hang on: Waves break over the iconic Bogey Hole. Picture: Sue Martin

Country Beauty: On the river banks of the Chichester River, under the Dusodie bridge. Picture: Jenni Denniss

Live gig: A rock band brings down the house at The Hamilton Station Hotel. Picture: Shane Quill

We Four: Two children photographed at play with their pets. Picture: Nick Feros

DAWN: The perfect spot to contemplate the dawning of a new day, taken by Fiona Mitchell, of Tenambit.

VIEW FROM ABOVE: Steve Tyne, of Aberglasslyn, captured another balloon flight on a crisp morning above Pokolbin.

BAT FLASH: April Lown, of Millfield, took this photo of a bat in Cessnock.

LOOK OUT: Virginia Hall, of Wangi Wangi, snapped her little boy falling over at the beach.

WHITEWASH: Sue Martin, of East Maitland took this action shot down at the Bogey Hole.

OLD MATES: Mel Gray, of Eleebana captured friends Dave and Alan taken at home in the pool.

TRANQUILITY: A calm sunset on Lake Macquarie, as taken by Mel Gray, of Eleebana.

DAD’S BOY: Karen Roderick, snapped her grandson with his dad at Caves Beach.

BEAUTIFUL: A rose after a summer shower taken at Valentine Bowling Club. Photo: Toni Burns

ROSE TINTED: A Tuncurry sunset captured through sunglasses. Photo: Liz Campbell

TUNNEL OF FIRE: Burning steel wool in an access tunnel under Fernleigh Loop track at Highfields. Photo: Darrin Hayes

DISCOVERY: “My son checking out the Hunter River for the first time at three years-old”. Photo: Amanda Denton

WILDLIFE: One of the population of bats photographed at the Cessnock colony. Photo: April Lown

RAIN CLOUD: A storm cloud over the cargo ship Plover Arrow in Newcastle Harbour. Photo: Mel Gray

MISTY MORNING: A scene at the Melville Ford Bridge over the Hunter River at Aberglasslyn. Photo: Steve Tyne

STORM: Lightning strikes out to sea off Birubi Beach. Photo: Warren Leadbeatter

HARD ROCK: Luke from the band ‘John Howard’, rockin’ out. Photo: Shane Quill

NOBBYS: An April sunrise captured at the Nobbys break wall. Photo: Richard Tonkin

BEACH SUNRISE: Hunter surfies welcome P&o Pacific Dawn as it approaches Newcastle. Photo: David Watson

SUN AND SURF: Kim Hampton at Newcastle Bogey Hole as the waves crash over. Photo: Steven Roderick

ON THE WATER: Harbour views overlooking the city on a summer day in Newcastle. Photo: Lance Perkins

ON THE BEACHES: A colourful summer afternoon on the Hunter sand. Photo: Jennifer Carrigan

HEART OF STONE: Maddison Bice snaps a photo of a curious stone found found in a creekbed. Photo: Maddison Bice

SUNSET SWIM: A young child jumps into Wallis Lake, clothes and all. Photo: Annette Holmes

MOMENTS: Nicole Walker, of Dudley, snapped the crowd at the recent Bliss n Eso concert.

POSSUM MAGIC: Wal Sutherland, of Hillsborough, caught a ring-tail possum hanging on a tree branch.

BOGEY BRILLIANCE: Patrick Burgess, of Mayfield, took this photo of popular photography spot the Bogey Hole.

MARCHING ORDER: Noni Rush, of Cooks Hill, captured a line of seagulls at Bar Beach.

RIDING SOLO: A bike rider pedals along Stockton Beach, as snapped by Pat Pavlich, of Anna Bay.

MYSTIC DREAMS: Ian Marriner, of Macquarie Hills, captured the wild seas and dramatic storm clouds over Newcastle baths.

FLYING DOG: Sarah Lewis, of Pokolbin, took this photo of her dog leaping into the pool.

SHADOWS: Richard Hogan, of Elermore Vale, took this photo of children frolicking in the circular wading pool at Newcastle Baths.

SAND AND THE SKY: Simon Hunt, of Charlestown, took this picture while on patrol at Cooks Hill on New Year’s Eve.

CRUSING IN: Celebrity Solstice heads into Newcastle, as pictured by Ashtonfield’s John Buck.

BEACH BLISS: Renae Paterson, of Waratah, took this picture of the path to Dudley Beach.

MORNING BATHS: Ashtonfield’s Stephen Wilson took this picture of Newcastle Ocean Baths on Christmas Eve morning.

FROG ON A LOG: Harrison Murphy, 10, of Muswellbrook, captured this moment at Blackbutt Reserve.

SUNSET RIDER: East Maitland’s Sue Martin captured this shot on dusk.

CIVIC SUNRISE: A glorious dawn over the city, as pictured by Patrick Burgess, of Mayfield.

SPARKS FLY: Spinning up a storm at Bolton Point, as captured by Peter Kennelly, of Cardiff Heights.

SISTERS: Bonnell’s Bay’s Sarah Moy took this picture of her daughters at Caves Beach.

ON THE BLOCKS: Bev Wilson, of Scone, captured this view of Merewether Ocean Baths.

STRANDED: When you’re left high and dry at low tide on Salamander Bay, by Meredith Ford, of Metford.

GLIMMER OF LIGHT: A sunset looking across to Newcastle on the river taken by Nicole Sauer, of Fern Bay.

FULL OF LIFE: Bees taking advantage of the sunflowers, as snapped by Kaitlyn Doyle, of Teralba.

RISE AND SHINE: Geeta Chaudhary, of Lambton, captured a fellow photographer at dawn on Newcastle Beach.

SEARING HEAT: Zoe Bouquet, of Maitland, snapped the sun during a summer fire in the Hunter in 41 degree heat.

RAINBOW WONDER: Kerri Mitchison, of Dora Creek, snapped a summer rainbow over Carrington.

SAND STRICKEN: James Miller, from Valentine, took this photo of Hayden Summers stranded on Stockton sand dunes.

STOLEN: Deb Csanki of Waratah West snapped a seagull taking a chip at Nobby’s Beach.

HOT DOGS: Dan Lawless of Adamstown Heights captured people lining up for hot food at Stroud Rodeo.

HAVING A BALL: Ed Loffeld of Lakelands found this bird enjoying a summertime bath.

SHAKE IT OFF: A dog shakes water off after retrieving a stick, taken by Geeta Chaudhary, of Lambton.

MONSTER: Geoff Kidd of Newcastle snapped this wash in the shallows at Fingal Bay.

CIRCLE OF LIFE: Dean Harmes of Thornton with the sunset glowing through his hand on Stockton breakwall.

WORKING HARBOUR: Ashtonfield’s John Buck took this shot of the ferries on Newcastle Harbour.

THE BATHS: Mt Hutton’s Andrew Kellaway took this picture of Newcastle’s Ocean Baths.

LOCKED IN: A padlock on the Bogey Hole fence, as captured by Dean Harmes, of Thornton.

SUNRISE OVER NOBBYS: Glen Cox, of Fullerton Cove, captured this shot at dawn from Stockton.

FROG PARTY: Tabitha Downie, of Belmont, took this picture at her friend’s place in Singleton. “Every night these frogs appear on the door frame and just hang out there all night,” she said.

CARNIVAL: Captured at the Hunter Valley Garden Christmas Lights Spectacular. Photo: Andrew Green

Cathedral: Captured on a summer night in February, 2017. Photo: Lance Perkins

HOT CHIP: A scavenging seagull at Caves Beach. Photo: Heidi Riseley

LOST INLAND: Santa and Mrs Claus on dry ground on their summer break, as captured by New Lambton’s Bharti Tailor on the Golden Highway between Jerry’s Plains and Denman.

SWAMP SUNSET: A shot captured at Hexam Swam just on sunset. Photo: Ben Blackburn

SMELTER: Matthew Cocks captured this shot at the Kurri Kurri smelter in December, 2017.

SHACK: An abandoned farm house at the back of the Olney State forest. Photo: Matthew Cocks

STORM: Lightning strikes on the horizon at Valentine. Photo: Toni Burns

PORTRAIT: Keia Cook captured this shot of her nephew at the Newcastle foreshore.

BIRD’S-EYE VIEW: Sharks circle in a school of fish as seen from the sky. Photo: James Miller

THE LANDING: A scene from Bar Beach at Newcastle. Photo: Stephen Gyulay

SUGARLOAF: Low cloud sitting over Newcastle as seen from the top of Mount Sugarloaf. Photo: Ben Wheatley

COMMANDANTS BATHS: This shot was captured on a GoPro at the Bogey Hole on a winter afternoon in July. Photo: Jason Milligan

TAKING FLIGHT: An old plane passing overhead at Lochinvar. Photo: William Kearns

BEACHES: A Saturday morning on Merewether Beach 2017. Photo: Matt Ausburn

Bar Beach surfers: Watching their mates catch the last few waves of the day. Photo: Shane Blue

WHALE SIGHTING: Daniel Brooks captured this shot of humpback whales off the beach at Newcastle.

BEACHES: An aerial view of Dudley Beach captured by Cory Randell.

WHAT A VIEW: Overlooking the Brokenback Mountain Range near Pokolbin. Photo: Andrew Margan

BIG SKY: A storm moves over Kilaben Bay. Photo: Anglea Whitney-Offen

WHALE SIGHTING: Daniel Brooks captured this shot of humpback whales off the beach at Newcastle.

Glenbawn Dam: A lone boat anchored on the shoreline a a low lying mist rolls over the mountain ranges. Photo: Chris Ward

BIRD’S-EYE VIEW: Merewether Baths captured from above by Alex Park.

IPHONE ONLY: This incredible storm front was captured on an iPhone 7 at Bar Beach by Caine Miller.

IPHONE ONLY: This incredible storm front was captured on an iPhone 7 at Bar Beach by Caine Miller.

WHAT A VIEW: Rocky the dog looks towards Barrington Topts National Park at sunset. Photo: Hayden Taylor

ON THE BEACHES: Robert Landore captured this stunning photo of Bar Beach to Merewether.

Ramosa Portrait: Petalifera ramose image taken on a mid-winter night dive at Port Stephens. Photo: Trevor J Cotterill

BAR BEACH: Late afternoon storm rolling in. Shot taken before the hail started. Photo: Jye Currie

GREEN POWER: Photo: Michael Whetton

Newcastle Memorial WALK: Taking a stroll at sunset. Photo: Prudence de Gruiter

Abandoned: An old building beside the railroad in East Maitland at Old Crossing Close. Photo: Rebecca Bennett

Take off: Pelican takes flight at Swansea. Photo: Lynne Brunner

Sunrise at Canoe Pool: Newcastle Baths. Photo: Linda Margaret New

Ready For Take Off: Mum’s backyard in Anna Bay. Bird’s eye view of a bug catching some rest. Photo: Alison Driscoll

GRACE: My little sister. Photo: Hayley Matts

Newcastle Baths: Photo: Annette Edwards

White Sandy Shores: Newcastle Beach. Photo: Gemma Paech

Summer sunset: A sunset backdrop with a windmill always looks amazing. Photo: Amanda Playford

BATH TIME: Rainbow lorikeets. Photo: Paul Thompson

Pepper and Dolly Viewing Glendon Brook: My two dogs looking out over Glendon Brook. Photo: James A. Drinan

Great Aussie bush scene: Taken at Allynbrook. Photo: Esther Krecic

The world through my eyes. My 11 month old daughter watching the world around her. Photo: Monique Cox


BEACH FUN: Swansea’s Martina Hosken took this picture of her son on a family trip to the beach.

Garden of Eden: Wobbegong shark eating moray eel at Fly Point, Port Stephens. Photo: Trevor J Cotterill

VERY NEWCASTLE: Newcastle Baths with coal ship in background. Photo: Robert Landore

Gorgeous king parrot: He loves to see what you are doing. Photo: Esther Krecic

Rainbow Paddle: Taken from the Queens Wharf Hotel on December 6. Photo: Jacqueline Davison

The boys from the bush: The boys taking a break and having a coldie after a big day of fencing. Photo: Page Power

ON THE WATER: Jocelin Grech from Maitland captured this shot of a boat coming in.

PUPPER STOLE MY UNDIES: Poppy the pup makes off with Aaron Lewis’ clothes after a swim at Pokolbin. Photo: Sarah Lewis

READY TO FLY: A cicada breaks out of its shell at the Warners Bay foreshore. Photo: Nathan Daley

NOW YOU SEE ME: Darrell Williams captured this photo of young Tawny Frogmouth owls with a parent.

BRILLIANT LIGHT: Nicholas Tomasella-graham captured this beach shot for the 2018 Hunter Photography Prize.

WIND SWEPT: Roanne Morris, of North Lambton, took her dog off the leash and captured the wind blowing in his face.

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Check out below for the terms and conditions of the competition.

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TheNewcastle Heraldand other Fairfax Media newspapers across the Hunter aresearching for the region’s best backyard photographer.

A selection of entries will be published in print and online in the Herald and other mastheads.

2017 Winner: Jo Davis’ shot at Newcastle Ocean Baths.

Artistand jewellery designer Jo Davis won the prize in January 2017 with asun-drenchedimage of her son with seagulls at Newcastle Ocean Baths.

“It’s absolutely unreal,” Ms Davis said after herphoto was judged as the bestfrom hundreds of entries that were published across the region’s Fairfax Media titles.

“I love photography and am always uploading photos on Facebook, so it’s exciting that people appreciate what I do.”

Terms and conditions of entryThe Hunter Photography Prize is open toresidents of the Hunter region.To be eligible your main source of income can’t be derived from photography.Photos must either be taken in the region or feature Hunter people.You can shoot your pictures with anything from a Box Brownie to an iPhone.The overall winner will collect the Hunter Photography Prize.Our judges will select the winningand highly commended entries.The judges’ decisions are final. A readers’ choice award will be voted via theherald老域名出售.au and otherwebsites.A selection of entries will be published in print editions and/or on the websites of theHeraldand other newspapers, including theMaitland Mercury,Port Stephens Examiner,Singleton Argus,Lakes Mail,Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Star,Cessnock’sAdvertiser,Dungog Chronicle,Muswellbrook Chronicle,Scone AdvocateandHunter Valley News.The camera prize packages are from Domayne Kotara.First prize: Nikon D3400 camera with 18-55mm lens kit valued at $729, plus a Vanguard shoulder bag and 500 free 6 x 4 prints.Highly commended: Canon 1300D with 18-55mm lens kit valued at $588,plus a Vanguard shoulder bag and 500 free 6 x 4 prints.Readers’ choice: GoProHero4 sessionvalued at $238plus 200 free 6 x 4 prints.By entering, a person is stating the photograph was taken by them and that they own the copyright.The photographer gives Fairfax Media and the associated mastheads permission to publish their submitted photographs in any form, including print, online, book, calendar or exhibition.The photographer retains the copyright.Email entries to [email protected]老域名出售.au (maximum five photos, as JPEG attachments). Include your name, address, phone number, photo title, and a brief description of the image explaining who or what is in the picture as well as the date and location.Write your name and “Hunter Photography Prize” in the subject field. Please note that not all photo entries will be published. Photos must be minimum 500kb and maximum of 2mb.Fairfax reservesthe right to crop a photograph.The judges willincludesenior photographer Simone De Peak,Hunter Communities editor Anna Wolf, Heraldeditor Heath Harrison, senior deputy editor Lisa Allan, Lower Hunter acting editor Rick Allen and Upper Hunter editor Rod Thompson.The competition closes at 5pm onJanuary 24, 2018.