Kate Ceberano: How buying a house is like a marriage

Carols in the Domain rehearsal tonight. Friday December 18 2009. Picture shows performer Kate Ceberano SHD;NEWS;Pictures by Steve Lunam/sjlThere’s no place like home for one of ‘s best-loved singers.

What is your strongest memory of your childhood home?

The tranquility of suburbia. Not needing to be any particular place at any particular time. And no mobile phones to create mental static.

What do you recall most about buying your first home?

The thrill of a feeling like I had a future. Like it was really real.

What was the best part of home ownership?

Something to work for, something to feel proud that all your physical efforts have created security and a place to call home.

And the worst?

Well, it’s a commitment and like marriage, you have to be vigilant about letting cracks appear or running it down.

Can you share any tips for organising a home?

I think you should follow your own aesthetic and steer clear of trends.

Do you have a favourite room?

My dressing room. It has all the baubles trinkets shoes and memories of stage experiences and dress-ups with my daughter.

What is the best piece of furniture or household item you have ever owned?

A painting my friend Peter Robertson painted. It has travelled across the world and back in every home I’ve occupied since I bought it.

What is the worst household item?

My manual lawnmower

Do you enjoy gardening?

Surprisingly obsessed

If you could live in a dream house, anywhere in the world, where would it be?

My house.

Kate Ceberano is performing at events in Perth, Sydney, Geelong and Adelaide in December and January. See kateceberano老域名购买 for full details. Her album Anthology is out now.