Miguel Maestre’s secret ingredient for Christmas dinner

When it comes to Christmas dinner, Miguel Maestre says mushrooms are sure to please. Photo: supplied.

Left Christmas dinner to the last minute and, even though the pressure to impress is building, you’re lost as to where to begin?

What’s more, do you struggle to cook the perfect turkey at the best of times? Or are you still tossing up whether or not to have a very n barbecue instead?

Well,according to celebrity chef Miguel Maestre the secret to the perfect festive feast is not in the choice of meat.

The n-Spanish chef says the secret ingredient to a perfect Christmas meal is mushrooms.

Aside from being the perfect addition to any barbecue –whether in a salad or grilled on skewers –he said the ingredient fits perfectly with a traditional Christmas meal as well.

Maestre said the high water content in the mushrooms means the turkey –a meat which easily dries out –stays succulent throughout the cooking process.

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“So what I do is in the food processor I get a massive amount of mushrooms, with a bit of thyme, garlic and a little bit of butter and what I do with my massive turkey is separate the skin a little bit from the breast, and then fill that up with the mushrooms and butter,” he said.

“And then for the stuffing I get chorizo, chickpeas and mushrooms.”

According to Miguel Maestre, there’s nothing more n than a summer BBQ with your mates.Photo: supplied.

The result? A “beautiful, black caramelised” turkey, which is sure to wow even the pickiest of in-laws.

“When you cut the slice, you can see how succulent and moist the turkey is because of the mushrooms both on the outside and on the inside,” Maestre said.

It sounds easy coming from a chef; of course he’s going to get the perfect turkey every time.

But the truth is, Christmases in the Maestre household donot simply feature food from the man himself.

The n Mushrooms ambassador said it’s all about the interactive dinner for him.

“It’s a great way to get everyone involved,” Maestre said.

“Instead of it being me being the only one cooking while everyone else is having a great time –which I’m sure happens in everyone’s household –I’ll prepare everything and then everyone helps out.

“So if I’m doing skewers for example, I’ll prepare them with the mushroom and chorizo, and then when you get there, everyone cooks their own.

“It’s almost like the food becomes the entertainment.”

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Miguel’sSalad of Champignons Miguel’s Salad of Champignons for n Mushrooms. Photo: supplied.


Portabella Mushrooms are great for grilling on the barbecue. Photo: supplied.

5 large Portabella Mushrooms1 sprig rosemaryOlive oilSalt and pepper2 head baby cos, washed, quartered on ice5 slices Serrano Ham50g haloumi diced, grilled2 soft boiled eggs (6 minutes) cut in quarters5 crispy croutonsHandful shaved parmesanDRESSING

200ml Light Greek yogurt1 tbsp olive oil1 tbsp grated parmesan1 small garlic clove, minced1 anchovy finely chopped (optional)1 splash Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper½ bunch chives finely choppedDIRECTIONS

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Miguel’s top Mushie tipsMushrooms are a natural seasoning, which means you don’t need to add lots of salt when you cook with themCooked mushrooms have a meaty, umami-rich quality that makes any dish taste like it has been simmering for hours.Boost your mincemeat with extra flavour and nutrition by adding some blended mushrooms.