Mrs Claus reveals her tips for coping at Christmas

For many, Christmas can be anoverwhelming season. There is so much to do and places to be,it’s not surprising some of us find it daunting. Just imagine you areone-half of the world’s busiest duos at Christmas.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – make the season more enjoyable bystopping stress in its tracks.

Unsung heroine, Mrs Claus takes a moment from her jam-packed scheduleto share her tips for a tear-free yuletide.

Mrs Claus

Q: So how did it all start?

A: When I married MrClaus in 1849, he was already giving gifts to children inneed, and it just spiralled from there. It was trial and error at first, and he wasnearly spotted several times,but with advances in technologyand a big sprinkle of Christmas magic, we can now deliver gifts to millionsof children all around the world.

Q: What is your role inoperation Christmas?

A: During the year, I help Santa go through his letters and put them in alphabeticalorder and check his naughty and nice list to make sure there are no mistakes. I keep all the elves in check, they can be a little cheeky.

On “C” Day, I make sure everyone keeps calm, remind everyone to takedeep breaths and enjoy the moment. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs tobe merry, and that’s what Christmas is all about, beingkind to one another.

Q: With so much to do, how do you get it all done?

A: Some may say theymake a list and they make it twice, but I usually make 365lists a year, one at the start of every morning. I’m also afantastic delegator, everyone has a role to play, even the youngest elf.

Q: What singer/Chrissy album will you be listening to this Christmas?

A: I do love a bit of MariahCarey, Santa loves Sinatra.

Q: Does Santa go on a special diet ahead of Christmas Eve to make room for all thesweets children leave out?

A: Santa does have a very sweet tooth, so I make sure he eats plenty of fruit andvegetables in the run-up to Christmas.

Q: What would you likefor Christmas?

A: Spending a relaxed day with my husband, elves and reindeer is what I lookforward to most, but a new handbag would be nice.

So if you are finding yourselfstressed this Christmas,please spare a thought forMrs Claus and breathe, relax and enjoy.

Merry Christmas.

Mrs Claus’s five top tips1. Don’t procrastinate: If there is a job you hate do it quickly so you can move on to your daywithout a cloud over you.

2. Delegate: Everyone can help with Christmas preparations. Don’t be amartyr. Tell the children to tidy up, after all, Santa hates stepping on Lego.

3. Wrap as you go: Who needs to spend ChristmasEve wrapping literally billions of presents?

4. Prune the “to-do-list”: Does everything really need to be done? Why not make it easy and scratchsome chores.

5. Keep it simple: Take the crazy out of Christmas,and remember to have fun, relax and enjoy.