Short Takes for December 26, 2017

I REALLYcan’t believe that there are so many backward-looking people in this city. The world is changing and Newcastle has to progress with the world. If Newcastle had been full of stagnation-loving people last century BHP probably would never have come here.

Mark Fetscher,CharlestownCARTOONIST Peter Lewis is always so sharp I often wonder whether he uses a scalpel dipped in ink. Where to start with his caustic commenton Renew Newcastle’s “activation” of Newcastle Station (“New life for Newcastle rail station”,Herald 23/12) since it wastaken off global Sydney’s rail network? Renew’s arrival on one of the earliest types of steam trains, without tracks, for the hollowness of the proposalfor a vibrant city.Atoy yellow train, for Newcastle’s demeaning “revitalisation” treatment.For there can be no Renew comeback, except for the return of trainswith real intercities, finally introducedafter far too long.Our functionally ideal station should be used for swift and frequent intercity services. A bustling stationfor arts, creativity, crafts and shopsat the centre of a tourist mecca? Only still-to-be-introduced true intercities can really drive that. Cut and cover the downtown corridorwith an interchange at Wickham.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin ParkJEN Powers (Short Takes 22/12):with thousands of homeless people throughout , and thousands more n men and women suffering terminal illness, the refugees will be the last thing on my mind on Christmas Day.

Brad Hill, SingletonNO learners allowed! If you plan on teaching your child to drive on the expressway, put them in the front passenger seat beside you and explain to them how travelling on those kinds of roads is so much different and more dangerous than anywhere else. Moving along at 10kmh or more below the signposted limit is not an option!

Scott Hewitt, East MaitlandAUSTRALIA’Sdemocracy model is the best in the world, and its foundation in my mind is thatone must vote. For example the Americans get Trumpsimply because of apathy and disinterest.So what a fine example our federal government gave usby not voting in the United Nationsover the American announcement of Trump’sacceptance of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state.For we must bend the knee to the Yanks, yes? I am a practising Christian, if one should ask.

Colin Diplock, Rankin ParkROBERT Menhenick (Short Takes 20/17): when two batsmen are in the middlein an Ashes Test, neither are looking for milestones in their careers.It’s about winning, mate. You should be happy to watch the world’s best batsmantaking England apart.

Daryl Frost,EleebanaTHE POLLSDO you believe in Santa?

Yes 75%, No 25%WILL the closure of the David Jones car park when Hunter Street mall works begin affect you?

Yes 44%,No 56%