Short Takes: Saturday, December 23, 2017

MERRY Christmas to all.I hope Santa drops Newcastle Council a visit with a calculator: $750,000 torefit a surf club (“Surfclub catches a break, Herald 22/12)and $1.5 million for a cottage. Ho ho ho?

Michael Casey,MerewetherTHE editorial “Newcastle council puts millions into mulch” (Herald22/12) acknowledges the benefit of a Newcastle mulch plant. But it should notbe compared to the plant being constructed by Lake Macquarie City Council. The Lake Macquarie contract awarded to Remondis is for a wind-row type decomposition plantthat will recycle waste to fertiliser for top dressing in farming. Computer-controlled heat and moisture and produces a highly desired end product far in advance of compost.

Laurie Coghlan,JewellsA DECREE from the churches to promote cremation rather than burial would free up much-needed land (“Cemetery plan causes grave fears”, Herald 21/12). Agricultural plots are in short supply.

John Bradford, BeresfieldI AM tired of“look-at-me”Scot MacDonald (Short Takes 22/12), his treatment of and remarks aboutour local MPs. Heshould be reminded no one in the Hunterarea ever voted for him. In my opinion,heshould be ignored and sent south to Liberal City.

Larry Burgess,Cardiff SouthAGAIN Scot MacDonald MLC, Parliamentary Secretary for Planning, Central Coast and the Hunter (Short Takes 22/12) delivers for the Hunter. Another letter.

Colin Fordham,LambtonDAPHNE Hughes (Short Takes 22/12), I agree that this blistering heat isn’t new. I have anewspaper clipping my mother kept for me. It is dated January 28, 1960, and it records Sydney’s (and Newcastle’s) record heatwave at that time, which lasted fourdays. The temperature reached 108.3 F or 42C. I was a newborn baby and my mum told me she would lay me in the hallway of our house and physically fan me. No electric fans or air conditioners.

Margaret Berry,BarnsleyITmay not come as any surprise to readers that I have very little time for politicians or our political system. In my opinion, the case of Williamtown homeowner Anita Bugges in Friday’sNewcastle Herald(“Going under”)isa good example of the government failingin its duty of care towards the people and the land we live on. A lot of these cases come down to neglect, in my view, and yet they still get away with it time after time.

Allan Earl,ThorntonTHE POLLSSHOULD Newcastle bring back midnight fireworks for New Year’s Eve?

Yes 82%, No 18%