The best-read Sydney Morning Herald articles of 2017

The year may feel like it has gone quickly, but plenty of big stories grabbed our attention.

There were celebrity deaths, including beloved ABC presenter Mark Colvin and veteran soccer commentator Les Murray. There were countless stories about US President Donald Trump including the ongoing Russia probe and his White House staffing issues.

Another big story that broke later in the year was the explosive Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, which has since opened a Pandora’s box of stories of women being abused and harassed by men in many industries – including ‘s own Don Burke.

While they were big stories on their own, these were not the largest: so, from hard news to celebrity stories and emotional comment pieces, here are the 20 most-read stories of the year. 20. Rugby in shock as former Wallaby Dan Vickerman dies aged 37

Heartbreaking loss: Dan Vickerman died in February. Photo: Jason Oxenham

The death in February of former Wallaby Dan Vickerman shocked the community and affected many in the rugby world.

The 37-year-old father of two was remembered as a “driven player” by n coach John Connolly and a “much-loved character off the field” by former teammate Phil Waugh. 19. Two men dead after being ‘cooked from the inside’ in drug overdose

A grim story captured our collective attention in March, after two young men in the Hunter region died after taking a cocktail of illicit drugs.

The men, aged 21 and 27, both suffered psychotic episodes before their core body temperatures rose to fatal levels – police said the deaths were “horrible ways to go”. 18. The Domino’s Effect

Domino’s workers and franchisees are trying to scratch a living out of the nation’s appetite for ever cheaper pizza. Photo: Wayne Taylor

Everyone loves cheap pizza, but this year we learned it comes at a price.

A six-month-long investigation by Fairfax Media found widespread underpayment of workers, the illegal sale of sponsorship to migrants and deliberate underpayment of penalties. Franchisees were also being squeezed by the company, as pizza prices fell but costs continued to rise. 17. Coincidence? Karl Stefanovic off Today after new girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough revealed

People love a bit of celebrity intrigue, and in February it was local identity Karl Stefanovic who made the news.

There were hints Channel Nine went into damage control and stood Stefanovic down from his hosting spot on the Today show after pictures of him kissing his new girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough were published.

But as reporter Amy Coffrey pointed out, they are both consenting adults and he had split from his wife more than six months prior. 16. Renowned satirist John Clarke dead at 68

John Clarke, a popular satirist, died while hiking in April. Photo: Supplied

John Clarke became a household name for his satirical interviews with Bryan Dawe on ABC’s 7.30 program, and his death in April shocked many.

Politicians, comedians and colleagues paid tribute to Clarke, after he collapsed and died while on a hike in Victoria’s Grampians National Park. 15. Cyclone Debbie hits the Queensland coast

Bowen resident John Andersen waits for the storm to hit: his home was completely destroyed by the cyclone. Photo: Brian Cassey

The category 4 cyclone was the biggest weather event in this year.

The cyclone left a trail of destruction across north Queensland in March, with winds of up to 260km/h and heavy rain damaging properties, felling powerlines and causing serious injuries. 14. GP rebate: What I do for the $37.05 that no one wants to pay

GP Elizabeth Oliver took the time to explain what she does in just one day on the job, and highlighted why the $37 Medicare rebate is more than worth it for patients and not quite enough for the doctors receiving it.

In her own words: “GPs save Medicare money by keeping people out of that economic sinkhole, the hospital. If we keep one patient a week out of intensive care, five a week out of hospital, we are worth it.” 13. This Republican politician allegedly told a woman ‘I no longer have to be PC’ before grabbing her crotch

While not directly related to the US president, the arrest of a 71-year-old Republican politician in the US in February for sexual assault charges was allegedly triggered by a disagreement over Donald Trump.

Christopher von Keyserling argued with a staffer and allegedly “pinched her groin area,” in an incident that was disparaged as just some “carrying on” by von Keyserling’s lawyer but captured on video, according to police. 12. What type of Aussie are you? Meet the 7 new political tribes

The Political Persona Project examined n attitudes to politics, society and lifestyle.

A joint project examining n political attitudes, lifestyles found different political attitudes that people grouped around.

This led to the creation of seven political tribes which was both a fascinating look at the political leanings of different ns and also a way of seeing where you fit yourself. 11. Here’s why ns will never understand the US obsession with guns

If a picture tells a thousand words, how many does a deceptively simple graphic tell?

This one from October comparing gun violence in and the US certainly resonated with many readers. 10. Oscars 2017 live: Winners and highlights of the 89th Academy AwardsMoonlight as the real winner of best picture at the Oscars, with Warren Beatty and Jimmel Kimmel.” src=”http://www.smh老域名购买.au/content/dam/images/g/u/n/l/4/t/image.imgtype.articleLeadwide.620×349.png/1488357780084.png” title=”” width=”100%”>

Jordan Horowitz shows the envelope revealing Moonlight as the real winner of best picture at the Oscars, with Warren Beatty and Jimmel Kimmel. Photo: Chris Pizzello

In “the craziest Oscar moment of all time”, the wrong film was initially named as winner of the best picture award.

La La Land was initially named as the winner on stage, but in a massive stuff up the winner was actually Moonlight, causing mass confusion on- and off-stage. 9. The untold story of QF72: What happens when ‘psycho’ automation leaves pilots powerless

Captain of the QF72 flight, Kevin Sullivan, said system failures ‘are presenting pilots with situations that are confusing’. Photo: Louie Douvis

In May, a pilot gave a terrifying account of what happened when the autopilot on Qantas Flight 72 from Singapore to Perth went haywire, sending the plane into a rapid fall twice.

Eight years after the disastrous flight, Captain Kevin Sullivan spoke of the dangers of automation.

“We were never given any hint during our conversion course to fly this aeroplane that this could happen. And even, I think, the manufacturer felt this could never happen. It’s not their intention to build an aeroplane that is going to go completely haywire and try and kill you”. 8. Barnaby Joyce, Malcolm Roberts and other ‘citizenship seven’ MPs receive verdict

The citizenship seven: (Anti-clockwise from top left) Barnaby Joyce, Fiona Nash, Matt Canavan, Nick Xenophon, Malcolm Roberts, Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam. Photo: Fairfax Media

The citizenship scandal started with Greens MP Scott Ludlam, but continued through the year with a host of politicians from all parties embroiled in the constitutional confusion.

The most-read story from the imbroglio was the High Court’s verdict in October on the eligibility of seven MPs – in the end, they found five were ineligible for parliament. 7. Spicer-ize my name: How White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer would say your name

The beleaguered former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer messed up Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s name more than once – calling him ‘Malcolm Trumble’ – and called the Canadian Prime Minister Joe Trudeau (his name is Justin).

So, some clever people in Fairfax created a Spicer-ized name generator – his name becomes ‘Searby Spiedler’. 6. McGregor vs Mayweather Live: Fight updates, full results

Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor in their August match. Photo: AP

It was not the biggest boxing story of the year, but the fight between champion boxer Floyd Mayweather and UFC fighter Conor McGregor was big news in August.

While he did not win, McGregor put up a better fight that most commentators expected. 5. Woman picks up shark, throws it out of Cronulla ocean pool

Melissa Hatheier throws the shark out of the Oak Park rock pool. Photo: Supplied

In probably the most n story of the year, a woman was filmed picking up a one-metre shark from a Cronulla rock pool and throwing it back into the sea.

The woman, Melissa Hatheier, told Fairfax Media in October she was surprised by the attention: “If it had big teeth I wouldn’t have done it.” 4. Anthony Mundine v Danny Green at the Adelaide Oval live

The biggest boxing match of the year, and our fourth most read story was the much-hyped fight between Danny Green and Anthony Mundine.

In what has blossomed into arguably the biggest rivalry in n sport, the two veteran fighters met for the second time, after Mundine defeated Green all the way back in 2006. Green got his revenge this year, though, defeating ‘The Man’ via decision. 3. Las Vegas shooting: At least 59 dead, 527 injured in deadly gun attack

FBI agents inspect the scene after a mass shooting at a music concert in Las Vegas. Photo: AP

In October, 59 people including the gunman were killed and more than 500 were injured when a 64-year-old man opened fire on concertgoers at a country music festival in Las Vegas.

It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, and the shocking incident drew world-wide condemnation and attention. 2. Same-sex marriage result: votes ‘yes’

Supporters of same-sex marriage celebrate the yes verdict in Oxford Street. Photo: Anna Kucera

After the same-sex marriage postal survey went out, there was a nervous wait from both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ camps to see what the result would be, so it’s no surprise our coverage from the federal politics team was the second most-read story of the year.

In the end, it was a victory for the ‘yes’ camp with 61.6 per cent and a bill was introduced to the Senate that afternoon. 1. A plea for fathers to take more photos of the mother of their children