When the journey is worth every bump

Windjana Gorge National Park, off the Gibb River Road.It’sone of the last serious adventures in – and despite what you may have been told, don’t take the Gibb River Road through the wild heart of the Kimberley off your to-do list.

One of the region’s main attractions, “The Gibb” runs 660km from Derby on the coast to Kununurra (or on to Wyndham) on WA’s border with the NT.

It winds through coloured ranges, dramatic gorges and past lush rockpools and waterfalls.

While these days the road is very “doable”, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be well prepared.

The Kimberley website is full of useful information about road conditions, the distances, attractions, accommodation, camping, possible detours and real adventures along the way.

There are also trip reports and questions and answers from other readers.

The road is recommended for 4WD vehicles. Towing is not advisable: “Anything you are towing on this road will take a beating,” the website warns.

4WD touring on the Bigg River Road near Derby.

While the road corrugations can wreak havoc on caravans and camper-trailers, good-quality off-road campers could survive the journey.

The good news these days is that while the area is remote, the road is much busier, so if you are unfortunate enough to break down, you shouldn’t have to wait too long before another vehicle approaches.

And tyre and mechanical repairs, along with fuel and supplies, are available at several points.

Gibb River Road is generally open May-November. The main concerns for travellers early in the season are creek and river crossings, so it is essential to get the latest information on road conditions.

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